MahilaVargs are conducted annually to motivate, inspire and train women volunteers who in support of EkalAbhiyan, give their time talent and resources absolutely honorary. They do great service by giving personal touch to SewavratiKaryakartas and helping in value addition by keeping regular tab on quality of Ekal Schools. They also mobilize small collection drive and resources to Gram Samity level and district level deposits of Ekal to resolve local issues like short term training programs and functions etc.

            • Ekal school children both past and present do not touch liquor.

            • They stopped gambling, smoking beedi and using abusive words (in North Indian states)

            • They pay attention to physical cleanliness-cutting nails,combing hair, brushing teeth, taking bath.

            • Sing patriotic songs, prayer and shloka.

            • Touch feet of parents and elders before coming to school.

            • All the women of the Ekal villagers irrespective of their cast considerations, assemble together for Deep-                           Pooja, defying the Tradition of Untouchability (in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh).

Reported and claimed by 3198 women volunteers who participant in Mahila Vargs. They were from Sanch Samity, Gram Samity and Gram Panchayat members of Ekal Vidyalaya Villages.

In 2013 17 Mahila Vargs were conducted - 2 in M.P, 2 in U.P, 1 in Punjab, 1 in

In 2014 from June toSeptember 11 Mahila Vargs have been conducted- 2 in Chhattisgarh, 2 in UP, 1 in Jammu, 2 in Himachal, 1 in M.P, 1 in Maharashtra, 1 in Orissa and 1 in Karnataka. Total No of women participants were 1186.

In 2 years (2013-2014) 3198 women participated in Mahila Vargs (Workshops).

In every Varg 90% - 95% women came from Sanch Kendra, Gram Samity and some active members of Gram Panchayat. 31 women reported that their children studied in Ekal schools.

these women authenticated with full authority and confidence that:

            • Ekal schools run in their villages regularly.

            • All the schools have lady teachers.

            • The children of Ekal schools both past and present do not touch liquor even though their grandparents and                       father drink.

            • In Punjab border area Ekal-villages drug menace have come down considerably due to Ekal schools as the                         Gram-Pramukh- Sardarji reported.

Going by this yardstick Ekal is producing a new generation of nearly 40 lakh Ekal children and youth who do not touch liquor.

- By Prof. Manjushree.